By mrhine, 12 November, 2023
A dramatic sky with crepuscular rays spreading across it with the Cleveland skyline in silhouette in the foreground.

Long time, no write!
This project fell by the wayside as many do. I have been busy taking many better photos, seeing many interesting places, and trying many new things. All things I could have written about here, but have not. 


By mrhine, 5 March, 2018
A dog trying to catch a tennis ball

"It's easy" is not an instruction. At best it's an assurance and at worst it's a dismissal to get a knowledge seeker off your back. Working in and around photography, programming, and music I hear the phrase often.

Q: "How do I fix this bug with the Wordpress template?"
A: "It's easy".
Q: "Oh cool, thanks."



By mrhine, 8 January, 2018
A stream flows down rocks in a forest, all covered in fall leaves

Autumn, or Fall, is a particularly nostalgic time of year. The earthy scent of leaves, the bright primary colors in the trees, cool brisk mornings, and the chittering of squirrels meticulously hiding away food stores for later. Autumn invigorates our senses and we become keenly aware that time as a whole seems shorter now. Despite seeming to have less time, we have more of everything else. Crops ripen and an absolute bounty of goods become available for us to eat and enjoy.

By mrhine, 28 December, 2017

Just a quick note to interested parties (thanks for reading, mom), I’ll be posting at least once a week. I’ve noticed that I work well when I have a project, and when I don’t have a project I don’t work.

My last project, one photo a day for an entire year, will be wrapping up in March. I’ll muse on it further at a later time, but I did notice that throwing myself into photography has allowed me to vastly improve my skills.

My work has gone from: