And we're back

By mrhine, 12 November, 2023
A dramatic sky with crepuscular rays spreading across it with the Cleveland skyline in silhouette in the foreground.

Long time, no write!
This project fell by the wayside as many do. I have been busy taking many better photos, seeing many interesting places, and trying many new things. All things I could have written about here, but have not. 

So why now?
Well, primarily I needed to switch to a new website host. From there I took the opportunity to move off of the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS for short) to the Drupal CMS. In doing so I realized that I could have been keeping up the website and just... haven't. However, when I copied over old articles I could see what I was practicing and creating. In reviewing my neglected articles, I saw avenues from which I could improve and other ways I could write more. In short, I was inspired.

But why not over the last five years? 
I have a fear of putting up unoriginal content onto the internet, and I also worry that others are doing what I do but much better. These are both categorically true statements, and this was the discouragement that had me stop way back in 2018. Further, I also found it hard make time to write when I could be doing other easier things. I didn't stop thinking about it, I just stopped doing it.

What changed?
New ideas. And a dash of reviewing the content I had before that made me confident I could do better than my previous effort. I have plans for what I want to share, some new, some old, but all I want to put up to anyone in the world to potentially see. I am confident I have learned much more about photography, and that I can share my experiences in a way that will be helpful to people wanting to try out the craft. I have also tried out other hobbies that I am plain excited to share.

And now what?
Right now I'm tidying up the site, settling into the new home, and developing ideas to write about. I didn't have enough irons in the fire to have different projects to write about, set down, and come back to. I have a better plan, and a stronger imperative to write better. I wish to put out many more articles for anyone who may take interest in my essays.

I have bemoaned the loss of weird internet. A place where people made websites simply to share on things they were interested in. Not for fame, money, or glory, but simply for the joy of sharing. the only way to change this is become the change I wish to see in the world... So here we go!