Programming Notes

By mrhine, 28 December, 2017

Just a quick note to interested parties (thanks for reading, mom), I’ll be posting at least once a week. I’ve noticed that I work well when I have a project, and when I don’t have a project I don’t work.

My last project, one photo a day for an entire year, will be wrapping up in March. I’ll muse on it further at a later time, but I did notice that throwing myself into photography has allowed me to vastly improve my skills.

My work has gone from:

Sunset upon the clouds at Penn’s landing
Sunset upon the clouds at Penn’s landing, 4th of July weekend, 2016


Crepuscular rays shine through an overhead tree on a foggy street
One fine foggy late night.

I have since learned the difference from recording an event, be it a weather phenomenon or my dog or a pretty sight, to having something to say and showing it in the photo. And I dearly hope that I am moving in that direction. This isn’t to say I’m going to quit photography when I finish the challenge, on the contrary I will likely work harder at even after I’ve hit the year mark.

By making myself practice a skill I normally wouldn’t practice, but still wish to excel at, I can’t help but to notice that I am getting better at it. The abilities I envy in other people are won by hard work and perseverance. There’s no shortcut to drawing pictures, playing an instrument, or fixing a car. It’s all study, practice, and support from others. Rather than passively hoping to be better at a specific thing, I’ve decided that I will pick the skills I truly want to improve in, and start practicing them. By writing often (and deliberately), I can write better. My goal is to look back and cringe reading my old posts.