Hello world!

By mrhine, 20 December, 2017

Welcome! Welcome! I've been a web developer for many years now, and still, I haven't had a real website until now.

It was my secret shame.

Everybody else seemed to have a website with cool ideas, code samples, and their exemplary works. I had a static front pages with a couple pictures of my cat, and muted promise to add more content. I realized quickly that my website wasn't taking off because I wasn't trying to create compelling content, instead I was trying to create a website.

I decided that I needed to create content in order to have a worthwhile webpage. This mandate all but assured that my website would stay dormant for the next six years. I found it hard to find anything worth sharing on the internet that somebody else wasn't already sharing, and better.

Recently, I discovered a new, urgent need to create a website. Again. But this time it would be different. I would make a great backend, I would flesh out an elegant frontend, and the database would be clean and well organized. The content... the content would come later, surely.

Again, mattrhine.com lay dormant for months, until I decided to create this current iteration of my website. It is a quick and easy wordpress installation, and I was able to make sure that it had everything I needed. It has CDN access, page caching, and a promise to make a great clean theme that would blow everyone away.

This current iteration sat dormant for one whole month.

So now, here we are. I finally decided to write content and forget everything else for now. I've done a deep dive into photography lately, and I feel that nobody else can talk about how and why I took the pictures that I have taken, so I'll start there.

I'm going to contribute as best I can, and hopefully you'll find it fun and interesting to read. Let's have fun together.

A tightly cropped portrait of a black Shetland Sheepdog looking of to the left